Extremely Effective Results


**NOTE: Check out the highlighted remarks below for targeted audiences and numbers**

1. Put Your Business Front And Centre
Your brand will be seen throughout various elements of the event 
and attendees will recognize your involvement and care in the  
communities they live in*.

- Banners and Display Promotion at the event at the Firehouse
- Live recognition by the emcee or yourself at the event
- VIP experience at the event (customized for each event)
- On all the outreach platforms to promote the event; Print Posters, 
Facebook* Event pages, Facebook Promotional Posts, instagram
posts, email newsletter subscribers, The Newsy Neighbour Magazine*
print and digital publishing, The Strathmore Times* print and digital
newspaper on both Langdon Firehouse and The Newsy Neighbour 
websites. Mentioned in public Thank-You
notes for supporting your community in all avenues above.


2. Get In Front Of Your Target Market
If your business targets the communities of Langdon, Chestermere, 
Strathmore & surrounding towns in AB. This is your target market.


3. Reconnect With Customers And Engage With An Audience
We highly encourage you to take full advantage of the customized
VIP package provided. Come mingle and network at the event. 
Personally engage with your potential customers.


4) Deliver Great ROI
Targeting an event can often be cheaper and have a higher 
return on investment (ROI) than just basic advertising.
Events have a budget that the venue hosting them often shares
the costs with. In this case, the Langdon Firehouse is the host venue
and the Newsy Neighbour Magazine is the promotional company,
costs associated are put to a strict budget for maximum return 
already, we just want to partner and share this opportunity with you, 
and that is how the results are generated

*LIVE IN * We target the areas East of Calgary in Langdon, Strathmore and Chestermere, AB.

*FACEBOOK* Between all the facebook pages and groups we manage, and administrate,our likes reach over  17,000 members

*THE NEWSY NEIGHBOUR MAGAZINE* Estimated readership of over 36,000 a month. Over 400,000 visits to the website since May 2018. Learn more at www.thenewsyneighbour.com


*THE STRATHMORE TIMES. Covering Strathmore,  Carseland, Cheadle, Cluny, Gleichen, Hussar, Langdon, Namaka, Nightingale, Rockyford, Rosebud,  Speargrass,  Over 11,500 HOUSEHOLDS Weekly through Canada Post